We are Safari and Ryan Bruin, and this is TALIA.

We are so glad you're here!




Ryan and I met at through a mutual friend and I knew that same day that he would be my husband one day. (I even called my family and friends to tell them we had a wedding to plan.) Nine short months later we had a ba...a wedding. We had a wedding. We were sealed to one another in March of 2015, and have spent every moment since laughing together. No for real, we laugh 24/7. I pursued my dream as a Utah Jazz dancer while he pursued his education. Now, we are pursuing our dream together as TALIA. Oh, and we also have the cutest, sweetest golden doodle puppy named Leo. That is all!


Here at TALIA, we are committed to giving back, and helping you do the same! Ryan's sweet mom lost her battle to breast cancer and ever since, he has been inspired to help in any way possible. With that being said, we will be partnering with Susan G. Komen and their mission to save lives and end breast cancer in the near future. 



We love clothes, they are a way for us to express ourselves, and hello, they make us look good! But if they aren't comfortable or affordable, it hurts the heart. I promise to only sell you clothing that I am dying to have in my own closet. Our clothing, shoes, accessories, and more are not only adorbs, but unique, comfortable, and affordable.